We will be picking Glohaven and Roza peaches on Saturday, August 17, from 9am-12pm. The cost is .65 cents a pound.

Please bring your own containers. We will also have U-Cut flowers, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

Tomatoes are .50 cents a pound

Bell Peppers are 3 for $1

Flowers are 15 blooms for $8 or 30 blooms for $12. Dahlias are $1



Just a note:  Please do not pick green peaches. Also, it is best to carry your peaches home in one or two layers to avoid excessive bruising.


  • Please pull to the side while waiting to enter the property to allow through traffic.
  • Do not park anywhere on the road and try to walk in.
  • While there is a line, we do not allow cars to enter from the opposite side of the road. (please be respectful and go to the back of the line.)
  • Please do not allow pets to roam freely.
  • Bring drinking water
  • We offer buckets, but the best way to handle your peaches are in boxes not more than two deep.
  • We can weight in whatever you have. We always try to round down and we do not weigh ounces...only pounds.
  • It is faster to pick into your boxes and have us weigh them in those boxes then to have to take more time to transfer from buckets.  It also means less bruising.

We appreciate your business. See you soon.


SugarPlum cares

Welcome to Sugar Plum Acres. We are a family owned and operated U-Pick Farm in Southern Oregon. Our season runs from early August through mid September.  You can check back for our open times or follow us on Facebook. We will post the open days and hours as soon as we know them. We appreciate your patience.