Sugar Plum Acres


Peaches The peaches are listed in order of availability: Red Haven Glohaven Roza Forty Niner Cresthaven ___________________________ Important Note: All of our varieties are freestone with exception of the Red Haven. Redhaven Most widely planted peach today. Medium, nearly fuzzless fruit; color is a beautiful red and golden yellow. Flesh is firm, smooth textured and fine-flavored. It becomes freestone as it ripens. Excellent for dessert, canning and freezing. ______________________________ Glohaven Large nearly round, attractive yellow freestone fruit. Very tough, mostly red skin is practically fuzzless with a deep yellow ground color. Firm yellow flesh is resistant to browning. Superior canning and freezing qualities. ______________________________ Roza Fruit is large, firm freestone with medium red blush covering 80% of the surface. Flesh is deep yellow, slightly coarse in texture. Flavor is excellent for both fresh market and canning. ______________________________ Forty Niner Large size fruit, skin is brightly blushed over yellow ground color that is very attractive. Flesh is yellow with excellent quality. ______________________________ Cresthaven Fruit is uniform, medium to large in size, nearly round, golden yellow with a bright red blush. Firm, juicy, clear, bright yellow freestone flesh. Cresthavens are freestone and great for canning, freezing, and eating. _____________________________



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